Forty Years of Helping Dentists

The GDA Dental Recovery Network helps dental professionals address substance use/abuse challenges and stress related health issues and get back to living life in a healthy manner. Call the Recovery Network confidential phone line at (404) 376-5987 or email the Network at Your anonymity will be protected. 
Forty years ago, if you were a dental professional who had a problem with alcohol, drugs or other psychological issues, you were on your own with little understanding or support from the legal and licensing authorities. 

Today as a dental professional, you have in place an accomplished program of help through the GDA. Today, licensure authorities are supportive rather than punitive when you are willing to seek and accept help. 

Through the effort and success of many who have dealt with this frightening situation, no Georgia dental professional should hide in fear of facing the reality of addiction and other psychological problems. With a strong history of dentists helping dentists, our Dental Recovery Network began with committed dentists sacrificing much of their personal time to give selfless service to their fellow dentists. 

As the number of dental health care providers expands, and substance abuse problems within the profession increase, GDA recognized a need, and developed the Dental Recovery Network to assist dental practitioners. 

The network has evolved over the years and undergone many refinements. One crucial step was taken in the year 2000 when the Georgia Dental Association formalized a Dental Recovery Network committee and contracted Jane Walter, an experienced professional in counseling and addiction, as the program director. Jane Walter, MEd, LPC, has worked for 40+ years in the field of addiction and has treated patients at all educational and socio-economic levels. For the past 25 years, she has worked almost exclusively with health professionals, and has focused on dental professionals for 20 years. Ms. Walter has lectured extensively on the subject of dentistry, addiction and recovery at various conferences around the country and speaks annually to Georgia dental students. 

Today, a confidential, high level of professional assistance is available to you including: 
• Personalized care objectives including referral for appropriate level of treatment
• Support for family 
• Direction for protection of a practice 
• Advocacy in licensure issues 
• Long-term support in recovery


“I thought my life was over. The Dental Recovery Network gave me my life back and helped keep it on track. It has been better than any practice or life management program that I ever could have taken.” Dr. B., South Metro

“My marriage and my practice were falling apart. It took a DUI for me to realize that my life was unmanageable. I was embarrassed and felt hopeless and alone. I contacted The Dental Recovery Network for support in getting my legal and personal issues resolved.” Dr. F., Norcross

“I was faced with serious state board and DEA issues. The Dental Recovery Network offered me guidance and advocacy with the Board while they helped me overcome my addiction. I have been in recovery for many years now and am able to fully enjoy my life, my family and my practice.” Dr. Y., Atlanta